About E(E)


Engineering (Engineering).  Isn’t that recursive?  Or a typo?

This is not a blog about engineering.  Or a blog about cupcakes.  This blog is about the process of engineering and the future evolution of that process via technology.  So literally engineering how we engineer.  Or innovating how we innovate, if you prefer.  That means discussing traditional engineering technologies like Computer Aided Design (CAD), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), and other enterprise software applications, but also consumer technologies with the potential to apply to anything that is designed, formulated, or otherwise architected (which, consequently is just about everything).  And no, it’s not a blog about everything.

But Engineering(Engineering) is rather long for a site name.  So just remember E(E) for short.  So much more compact.  I just engineered engineering(engineering).  You see what I did there?  The website is www.eng-eng.com, as you probably guessed parenthesis aren’t invited to play on ICANN’s domain lawn.

If you’re an Enterprise software purist, you’ll quickly point out that technologies like PLM are focused on the enterprise, and engineering is just a player on the larger stage – a point for which I wholeheartedly agree.  Having survived at the helm of multiple enterprise implementations with the requisite battle scars, I know exactly where you’re coming from.  No worries, try the decaf.

Technology is in constant motion, consistently redefining both itself and our future.  This blog aims to provide a focused perspective on engineering through the lens of developing technology and user experience.   Sometimes slightly edgy, or with a dash of sarcasm, I will be challenging complacency and pervasive wisdom whenever warranted.  Not merely to criticize the perplexing consultancy-fed buzzword tsunami, but specifically to spark the thoughts and conversations that will lead us to future innovation.