Ed Red Shirt 1Greetings programs, your host for the duration of this blog is Ed Lopategui.  Bios available below in original recipe and low-calorie versions.

Short, short version: 

Rocket scientist turned enterprise software entrepreneur, with a pulse on how humanity interfaces with technology, and on a personal quest to change how we think of engineering for the better.  Also despises goats.

The longer (more dramatic) version:

I am a technology evangelist, entrepreneur, and aerospace engineer specialized in the software tools and technology which enable engineering, design, and product development, specifically Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Product Data Management (PDM), Knowledge Management, and Computer Aided Design (CAD/CAE/CAM).

I am an avid proponent and adopter of technology, but I am also a sentinel and spokesperson for the often overlooked human element.  Combined with my interests in creative software, space technology, consumer electronics and even electronic gaming, my particular perspective on technology and engineering is rather distinctive.

With 8 years of experience in PLM and 17 years of experience with CAD I have had the fortune of participating in and understanding the challenges of enterprise software and technology adoption from four distinctly unique perspectives:

  • As a business lead and project manager seeking better process and execution, leveraging diplomacy to overcome culture.
  • As a systems architect charged with creating achievable and usable enterprise solutions
  • As a consultant advising clients in overcoming both technological and political challenges
  • And as an end user, understanding how technologies translate in the trenches across the enterprise.  And doing some real work!

I am currently focused on developing innovative technologies and compelling visions intended to contribute new and interesting approaches to engineering, PLM, and enterprise software.  And my discussions here are part of my explorations of what’s next.

I hail from the great city of Dallas; I greatly enjoy photography, travel, the great outdoors, writing, and electronic entertainment.  ( I also fold away for easy storage).